Sunday, February 19, 2012


I suffer from this horrible disease called procastination.  How about you?

I honestly think most writers have a problem with this from time to time.  But, what if it becomes habitual instead of just being every now and then?   That's when, for a writer, it can become deadly.  I think of it as self-induced writers block.  I think it sounds better than just plain laziness.

Now the real question.  Is there a cure?  Some will say, sure just get off your lazy ass and start writing!  Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.  For me, this deadly form of writers block can be crippling.  I still have ideas raging through my head, sometimes I'll even write a few down in one of my fancy journals.  (This always makes me feel better.)  But, what am I really accomplishing, absolutely nothing. 

Great, so you wrote down an idea or two.  Now what are you going to do with said idea.  Procrastination will undoubtedly rear it's ugly head, snarling and hissing until you set your journal or piece of scrap paper aside, and you end up playing a game on your computer, or whatever your demon may be.

I'm not here to give a miracle cure for this sickness.  I'm just here to call it out.  I'm just here as a fellow sufferer.  In fact, to your dismay, I'm not sure there is a cure for procrastination.  Maybe, disguising itself as a product of human nature is its sly way of slithering into our brains, where it can sink its scaly talons deep into our pyches.

Ok, I can tell your not buying it.  You still think it's cause is unadulterated laziness.  Fine, but next time you want to tweet instead of gather ideas, blow up zombies instead of outline, or watch reruns of The Golden Girls instead of write, remember you are the one that believes this disease can be conquered.

So, go ahead quit being lazy.  Pick up your pen, that mighty weapon and defeat procrastination before it destroys you.  Because, hey, at least I'm writing...